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Monday, 27 July 2015



 ARTICLE BY NATASHA KAREN                                                      

On the morning of my seventh-grade school photos, I sat down at the breakfast table with a face full of blue eye shadow, matching blue eyeliner and mascara, orange blush, and frosty pink lipstick.

And you know what?
My mother never said a word.
She just continued boiling me an egg and pouring me orange juice as if it was completely normal for a 13-year-old girl to go to school looking like a hooker.
A few months later, my school pictures arrived, and I had the shock of my life when I saw how ridiculous I looked and, after slamming into the house and tearing a strip off of my mum for letting me leave the house looking like a clown, I threw all of my make-up into the garbage and put my fantasy of becoming a make-up artist on hold.
Sadly, I had a similar experience my senior year when I tried to tweeze my eyebrows to look like Kelly Taylor from 90210, and I’ve been kind of scared to do anything drastic since.
Except for the time I dyed my eyebrows black.
But after I found all of these awesome beauty tips to make your face look thinner, I decided it was time to put my fears behind me and learn how to apply make-up like a pro.
And thanks to all of the amazing make-up artists I subscribe to over on YouTube, I’m finally starting to learn the tricks of the trade.
And now I’m going to share my favorite tutorials with you in hopes that I can prevent another poor soul from making the same beauty mistakes I once made.From foundation and contour, to blush and eyebrows, to eyeshadow and eyeliner, this collection of makeup tutorials is just what you need to teach yourself not only how to apply makeup, but how to apply makeup properly.

1. How to apply foundation and concealer by Jaclyn Hill

I love Jaclyn’s suggestion of doing my eyes BEFORE applying my foundation, and I find it really does make a difference. And if you’re looking for a good drugstore foundation to try, I swear by Revlon PhotoReady Makeup. I find it not only looks natural, but it lasts all day long.

2. How to contour and highlight like Kim Kardashian by gossmakeupartist

This is a bit drastic for everyday, but it’s filled with lots of fabulous tips and tricks, and I love love love the finished look!

3. How to apply blush by gossmakeupartist this one shocked me

4. How to shape your eyebrows by Zukreat

This tutorial has made such a difference in teaching me where my eyebrows should start and end, and where my arch should be!

5. How to fill in and sculpt your eyebrows by Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn recommends the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in this tutorial and it is hands down THE BEST brow pencil I’ve ever used. I have strawberry-blonde hair and the “caramel” color works perfectly for me, but there are heaps of other colors to choose from. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth the investment. Check out Jaclyn’s tutorial and see for yourself!

6. How to apply eyeshadow by gossmakeupartist

I never used eyeshadow primer before watching this tutorial (to be honest, I didn’t even known it existed), but after doing some research I decided to splurge on the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and I haven’t looked back. Not only does my eyeshadow (even my cheap drug store palettes!) go on smoother, but I never (EVER!) get that annoying grease line on my eyelids

7. How to apply eyeliner by Makeup Geek

I love all of Makeup Geek’s tips, and this tutorial is no exception. I’ve been experimenting with a ton of different drugstore eyeliners over the last several months, and I have to say the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in black is my FAVORITE. It goes on smoothly, lasts all day, and looks FABULOUS when I apply it to my waterline!

8. How to make your eyelashes look bigger by cTheMakeupArtist

I love this trick and use it every single day
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