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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


For some of us that have to always keep up the professional look at work. I know sometimes it gets boring and tiring and sometimes you just get feed up of deciding what to wear (especially during the rush hour). I wrote down some of the things you might want to remember when deciding what to wear next time and of course I have some collections of amazing pictures to inspire you.Rule 1 : Color is everything. Make sure all your colors complement each other. Primary colors should match secondary colors perfectly. Also the color you decide to wear should depend on the day of the week and the general mood at your work environment
Rule 2: Fitting is king. Avoid too loose or tight clothes. You don’t want to be regarded as being loose na. Get patterned pieces. Dress smartly and confident.
Rule 3: Do not neglect your shoe. Now this is one of the most important rule of them all(lol you guys know am a shoe fetish). On a more serious noted, do not neglect the shoe. Wear highs Mon – Thur. Stand tall!!!
Hope you guys enjoy some of the styles we put together and feel inspired!!

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