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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Biafra and Nigeria

It indeed true that Nigeria and biafra fought in 1967 which Nigeria won as a result of  Britain and cameroon assisting them, but the fact still remains that when a country is defected in a civil war ,the  defected country will serve the country which defected them for 30 years but its more than 50 decade now Nigeria and Biafria fought but the question still remain ,
why are Biafrian still under Nigeria?
why are Nigerian victimizing Biafran?
why cant Nigeria let Biafran go?
i reads in the front page of a news paper which said that Ni ibgos are treated as second class citizens in Nigeria, but the big questions are what about the ijews, the ibibo, the anam, the edos,the igalans,the efix, the orobo and others who are under Biafra, this people are been victimized by the by the hausa/fulani ,there is strong poverty in these places ,their land and rivers has been destroyed ,and the government is doing nothing about it, they dont have good water,health facilities, road,school or anything to call their own,after the civil war the Nigerian government empowered  Nigeria soldiers but they failed to do same for the biafrans and the cause lot of psychological,emotional and mental trauma  for the people of biafra, these people are the treasury box of the country ,their natural resources are been mined but the people who own  the resources are suffering and smiling at the same time,the people of biafra  are  schatered all over the world because they dont have a place to call home, let me make a typical example ,a brafran hardly get admission or employment in any public organization in Nigeria, they are treated as slave in their own land , 
during and after the war over 6millions brafrans where killed and more are still been killed ,as a result of that biafrans all over the globe staged a mega protest and more than a thousand was arrested and the international community is doing nothing about, 
The United Nations clearly stated that it that every individual has right of associate, movement, right to believe and religion, freedom of speech and personal opinion but i still wonder why the leader of the indigenous people of biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu   is still been imprisoned by the Nigeria government, i hope the international community will stand up to their responsibility this time.

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