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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Paris attacks: Photos capture fatal rock concert

Eagles of Death Metal
Music photographer Emmanuel Wino has shared his pictures of the Eagles of Death Metal concert which came under attack at the Bataclan theatre in Paris on 13 November.
Gunmen entered and killed 89 people, critically injuring more than 100.
Mr Wino says that before the attack, the theatre was full of smiles that should not be forgotten.
As a result, he decided to share pictures of the Eagles of Death Metal on hisFacebook page.
Wino was among seven or eight photographers taking pictures of the concert.
In an interview with France's Les Inrocks (in French) magazine, Wino said he had come down from the first floor to the theatre bar to join friends, adjacent to the emergency exit.
Eagles of Death Metal
He said he had heard screams, followed by a stampede of people running for the exits.
"People wet it was a shooting, but not a terrorist act. "I thought it was the act of a madman," he told the magazinere screaming for us to leave, to run away," he said. "Then I heard the shots. Twenty, thirty, fifty - I do not know."
He said he though
Eagles of Death Metal
Eagles of Death Metal
Eagles of Death Metal

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