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Wednesday, 2 December 2015


It is not longer a story anymore ,this has become a menace in the society and it a canker warm which has eaten deep in the mindset of our current youth, fashion we all know has grown over the years, but the dimension its going to is what we are talking about, fine it is good to dress good and attractive as a youth,but our youth of this days has changed dressing good and looking attractive into madness, this is what we call fashion madness, i guess it has come to the time when the government , parent and churches has to do something about this, because if we don't tackle  it now it might turn to a deserter.
As a parent we have more to do in this issue because charity they say begins at home, in addition in the olden days the whole society trains a child but this days instead of the society impacting positively in the life a young child ,they go ahead corrupting the mindset of the child, imagine a 50 years old man in government going out with a 16years old girl someone that is suppose to be your child.  
If the is not treated we will wake up one day seeing our young girls walking naked on the street,we all dress for different reasons but even if we are  stars,we are suppose to make a difference, not dressing and walking naked all in the name of fashion because we feel it  wouldn't make us popular but funny to know it simple makes you stupid and useless because as  stars we are  role model and mentors to many, what we do is simple what our mentors would want to copy, it is better to impact something positive on people that look up to us , we all have a role to play in this game if we want the world to be a better place.

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