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Wednesday, 8 July 2015


1. Discipline; 
To be a successful man  you have to be discipline in what ever you do,
you have to learn how to drop your ego before your ego drops you , facing the task ahead of you  makes you strong,but dropping your ego makes you stronger, it not all about your opinion this time but you have to learn how to learn from your mistake as a man ,it a very hard task to let our ego go when it comes to management,but it will do you more good than harm if you drop it and term up to achieve something positive and something worth rejoicing for.

2. Time management
Way and how you use your time is very important and essential, when it comes to been successful, the series of things you do at a short paste goes a lone way in determining the amount of success you will record and achieve in a day , it is very difficult to control time but if you can manage it effectively ,it will go a long way in doing you more good than harn

You have to be faithful and truthful in all your dealing

According to the Bible givers never lack, to be successful you have to learn how to give in other to get more ,

Getting more information can go a long way in helping you which means you have to cultivate the habit of reading wide,there is a great saying which say "a man that is not informed  is deformed and there no two ways about it
6 Ask question
you have to learn how to ask questions when ever you are stoke because no make is an island of knowledge ,
7. God
In what  ever you do in life always remember to put God first because he is the creator of the universe,he known your starting point and your end

8. Learn how to control your night
The best way to think and invent ideas is at night ,if you can control your night meaning you can control your day too,
let me give you a little secret, everything that manifest at day has already been manipulated at night,before anybody dies he has already been judged at night before it manifest,if you can observe slightly they are more death recorded at midnight from 12 am to 2 am than at day, or let take example from the just concluded election in Nigeria ,the result was already manipulated at night before it manifested at day time
9 Be careful of women 
The easiest way for a successful man to fail is by the help of a woman, take example from the bible Adam failed because of Eve, the fact still remains that women are emotional in nature while men are are logical, women always think about how to secure their man no matter how rich and educated they may be while men always planning on how to get a better life for himself and his family.

 Always seek for advice when necessary  because it will go a long way in helping you

learn how to take decision
Take people around you as important as yourself
learn how to control what you say to others
Do not try to outshine your master no matter how brilliant or wise you may think you are,the main reason president jonathan of Nigeria failed was not because of the vote the issue was tied on the fact that he was trying to outshine his master,

Learn how to be a problem solver
Bills gate today is among  the world richest men , because he was able to solve a problem,the  man  who invented mobile toilet today is very rich because he was able to study his environment and know what they need, it very easy to solve a problem than to create one

Learn how to respect people no matter their status or how they look,their looks or status does not really matter but what they posses matters allot

Learn how to handle your responsibility
dont defy your bed if you are married, which simply means dont go out sleeping around 

                                                                 obey you parent
                                            always be prayerful and hard working because hard work pays

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