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Friday, 24 July 2015

Birdman Denies Conspiring to Kill Lil Wayne

After a recent indictment suggested that Birdman and Young Thug conspired to have Lil Wayne murdered in a drive-by shooting, the former is now denying any involvement. Court documents alleged that Birdman received a call shortly after the shooting (possibly from the shooter, Jimmy Winfrey) implicating him in the attempted murder. 
Sources tell TMZ that while the phone call did occur, Birdman "was not involved in any way."
They say both phones involved in the call were registered to Birdman because they were company phones, and that the caller was actually "someone in Wayne's camp who was understandably pissed" and wanted to relay the message to Birdman about the shooting. (Despite an ongoing legal battle, Lil Wayne is still signed to Birdman's Cash Money Records.) 
Birdman has not been charged for the shooting.

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