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Friday, 10 July 2015


Whilst HR experts agree that rules governing workplace dress codes have changed and are largely dependent on industry/sector, the majority opinion is that one should look professional to be taken seriously…irrespective of where, when or why. The consensus is that first impressions still count, irrespective of whether a service provider is building a website or an office block. The truth is that any employee that wishes to be taken seriously must dress appropriately. In an ideal world workers would be evaluated strictly on their personalities, their skills and what they contribute to a business. The reality is that people are also judged on appearance and how they conduct themselves – our view is that job seekers and those wanting to establish themselves in their careers of choice need to pay more attention to this.
Some opinions posted on the Business Insider website:
  • Men should preferably wear darker colors, such as a black, navy or gray suit. If you are to wear a jacket, it should fit comfortably and be altered professionally if it doesn’t fit your body proportions.
  • Men: Although a suit never fails, you shouldn’t disregard sweaters. A nicely-fitted, dark-colored sweater can look sophisticated and polished.
  • Men: Don’t wear ties that have cartoons or slogans printed on it; it’s unprofessional.
  • Do not attend an interview wearing jeans! EVER!
  • Ladies: a tailored, knee-length skirt and shirt is considered classic and professional.   A short skirt should be at most, a palm width above your knee.
  • Ladies: save the patent-leather spiked heels for a night out on the town, not a  meeting with a potential employer. Close-toed shoes with a medium heel are preferable.
  • Ladies: Minimal makeup is preferable. Avoid bright colors and heavy application, though a small amount of m
    ascara, blush, and lip balm is appropriate to freshen    the face.
  • Fingernails should be short and manicured. Ladies: Nail polish that is too bright, chipped, or has sparkles is inappropriate.
  • Clothes should be ironed and fit properly. Don’t leave the house looking wrinkled, sloppy and unkept! Clothes should be clean, pressed, and stain-free

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